Our Story


Richard Phillips and his family have been farming Hops in Herefordshire for five generations. Richard is well known within the brewing world for growing award winning hops which are supplied to breweries all over the UK and over the last decade the USA as well. It was on Richards first Hop related trip to America 10 years ago for the Craft Brewers Convention where his passion for the vibrant craft beer scene America had to offer really took off.

Ever since he has been striving to set up his own craft brewery using the same award winning hops off his farm that have been brewing your favourite beers for decades! It has been a long journey and every measure has been taken to ensure we produce the very finniest quality beer’s. We extract spring water from our own borehole to insure a high quality and consistent base liquor for all our brews as well as selecting the very finest malts, yeast strains and of course Hops!

These world class ingredients are then combined in a process of alchemy by Trevor Newman using his 50 years of brewing experience and Julie Newman’s rigorous attention to detail. We hope you enjoy!


We have named our brewery after the very important “monkey” that we use to string the hop yards for our hop bines to grow upon. A “monkey” also known as a “monkey pole” is a long bamboo pole with a metal pipe on the end that the string is threaded through like an oversized upside down sewing needle. Training the string up and down between the “hop pegs” in the ground and the “top hooks” attached to the overhead wire trellis. It is so important to us you can even see an illustration of it on the back of our bottles. It takes 6 people around one month to string our hop yards and over 760 km of coyer string.